Who is SKY?

We are Shirin, Karen and Yasmin. We are SKY. We are three women from different parts of the world, who come together to sing, write, perform and contemplate on life's big questions.

With our music we invite you on a journey for the soul, soothing, uplifting and inspiring.

"You three girls are definitely on to something. The blend of your voices is very effective, the power of your spiritual convictions comes through with much strength"

Thanks for the inspiration - in the morning to wake up, for prayers or just to relax and take time out during a hectic day."

Image of the three of us

SKY bio

Year Facts
2005Shirin, Karen and Yasmin meet in Greece and start composing
First acclaimed performance as an a capella trio at an international conference
2006SKY writes, arranges and records its first CD: "A Cycle of Divine Love Songs" in Greece
2007Release, launch and international distribution of the CD
2008First live concert in the UK
2009UK public performances and series of house concerts
Concerts in Greece and Switzerland
2010Writing, arranging and recording new songs for second CD
2011Release of SKY's second CD: "now"